Lambing Season

Early January was always a stressful but exciting time for my neighbours and good friends, as its lambing season. Paddy had 14 ewes ready to lamb and was awaiting their arrival. The first arrivals came in the middle of the night, as is often the case. To Paddy’s relief, it was a lovely set of triplets, and the mother and lambs were all doing well. The lambs were healthy and strong, and it was great to watch them take their first steps and explore their new surroundings.

For us all, the arrival of the lambs marks the beginning of a new cycle on the local farms. The ewes and the lambs will be fed, cared for, and eventually grow into strong, healthy sheep. This is a familiar tale of rural life, where the cycles of nature are deeply ingrained in the daily routines of those who live and work on the land. The arrival of the lambs was always a reminder of the beauty and wonder of nature and the importance of respecting and preserving it.

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